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Guzzle Savings, Not Gasoline!
You can improve air quality while using less gasoline...and $ave while you're at it!
Remember how we used to complain that a gallon of milk cost more than a gallon of gasoline? Now, gasoline may forever cost the same as, if not more than, a gallon of milk! The problem is, while few households drink 15 or 20 gallons of milk a month, our cars may drink that much gasoline each week.

Are you interested in spending less on the soaring costs of gasoline, and keeping more of that money in your pocket? If so, read on for some basic tips to help get the most out of your gasoline, while reducing your overall dependency on gasoline consumption.
gas pump
The cost of a gallon of gas now exceeds the cost of a gallon of milk.
Put Money Back in Your Wallet and Help Save the Environment

woman putting money in her walletThere are many ways to reduce your dependency on fuel, help keep the air clean and put money back into your pockets. So while you're saving yourself money, you'll also breathe a little easier!

Below are just a few ideas to get you started. Click here to learn how you can stop guzzling gasoline, and start guzzling savings!
  • Use public transit - Drive to a Park 'n' Ride location
  • Walk or bike - Get healthy while saving on fuel
  • Let your fingers do the walking - Window shop on-line; have items delivered
  • Mail it in - Mail your bills instead of paying in person, or pay your bills online
  • Avoid high speeds - Every 5 mph you drive over 55 is like paying an extra 10 cents per gallon for gas
  • Minimize drag - Heavy loads increase drag, which uses more fuel
  • Drive to, not drive thru - If more than 2 cars are in the drive thru line, park and go inside
  • Don't cook your car - Parking in the sun can cause fuel to simply evaporate
  • Refuel after dark - This reduces vapors from becoming ground level ozone and more of your gas stays in the tank

If you have questions not answered here, or comments on any of these money and fuel saving ideas, please contact Mr. Eldewins Haynes, CDOT Air Quality Specialist, at 704-336-7621 or