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Sidewalk Program FAQ

Where does the Sidewalk Program construct sidewalk?

The Sidewalk Program retrofits sidewalks in areas of the City where streets are already built, but sidewalks were never installed. A number of other City programs construct sidewalk also, including the Neighborhood Improvement Program, state and local roadway projects and with new development through subdivision and zoning requirements.

How does the Sidewalk Retrofit Policy work? 

Sidewalk needs are identified by City staff and by residents depending on the category where the sidewalk request would fall. Sidewalks on thoroughfares are identified by the staff. Thoroughfares are primarily higher volume roads where there is a need for sidewalks to separate pedestrians from higher volume and higher speed traffic. Sidewalk requests on non-thoroughfare and neighborhood streets must be requested by residents.

How can I get a request on the sidewalk list?

Residents can contact the City of Charlotte at 311 to find out if a sid​ewalk has already been identified or requested on a certain street. For those streets where a sidewalk has not been identified or requested, a resident can request a new sidewalk online​

A sidewalk will be ranked by the City when a valid nomination form is submitted which contains the signatures of at least 25% of property owners or tenants on both sides of the street. As a project nears the top of the ranking list, CDOT will hold a public information meeting to provide residents with information about the project and to receive their input. In addition, CDOT will ask adjacent residents to provide feedback regarding design concerns. City staff will determine the best side of the street for sidewalk installation based on design consideration and neighborhood input. After the public meeting is held, a second assessment of neighborhood support for the project will be conducted requiring a petition with property owner signatures of at least 60% of both sides of the street.