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Pedestrian and Bicycle
A community with many transportation options is healthier and offers a better quality of life for its citizens.  Bicycling and walking are important ways to get around Charlotte.  CDOT is committed to providing safe, connected sidewalks and bicycling opportunities such as bike lanes and routes.

Pedestrians crossing a busy street 

Cyclists crossing the Hawthorne Avenue bridge near uptown

USDOT Mayor's Challenge 

In January 2015 US Transportation Secretary and former Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx challenged city leaders to raise the bar for bicyclist and pedestrian safety. Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and City Manager Ron Carlee are joining other cities across the nation to answer that challenge. Read more about the Mayors’ Challenge here.

Click here to view Charlotte's action plan in efforts to advance bicyclist and pedestrian safety.  

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Videos

CDOT, along with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department and the City’s Corporate Communications Department created two safety videos. One deals with pedestrian safety and the other, bicycle safety. The team wanted to create timeless videos that could be used for many years at public meetings and events. The videos align with CDOT’s safety goals and communication plan. Both videos were created using the City’s talented and creative studio staff. All the actors in the videos are volunteers.

Sidewalk Safety Video

Pedestrian Safety Video

Bicycle Safety Video