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Land Development
Charlotte continues to grow rapidly as the hub of the metropolitan region. To meet the quality of life challenges of this growth, the Charlotte City Council adopted the Transportation Action Plan (TAP) to support the City's Centers and Corridors Growth Strategy. CDOT's role is to implement the plans and policies adopted by City Council in a way that integrates transportation and land use planning, provides transportation choices, promotes quality urban design, and promotes good access management.  CDOT accomplishes this through the City's land development programs.

Contact Kelsie Anderson for additional information at 704-432-5492.

Land Development Programs

Driveway Regulations Manual

CDOT is in the process of updating its Driveway Regulations Manual. If you'd like to learn more about it or participate in the review of the draft document, click here.

Rezoning and Traffic Impact Study Review Processes and Guidelines

CDOT Sight Distance Policy 

Rezoning property provides a means to either implement adopted land use plans or meet market demand for real estate development. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission (CMPC) administers the City's rezoning process for property within the City and its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). CDOT works in concert with the CMPC to provide a quality review of all development proposals.
CDOT staff evaluates how proposed developments will affect transportation operations and safety. We also ensure that new development is well connected to the community and is accessible by walking, bicycling, public transit and motorized vehicles. 

Land Development Site Plan Checklists 

This CDOT checklist is a combination of current standards, policies, and practices that CDOT staff uses in the review of both subdivision and commercial site plans with references/links to applicable standards, codes, and policies.  We hope that this is a useful aid to the industry in the preparation of site plans.   Should you have any questions or comments concerning the checklist or included standards and requirements, please contact Kelsie Anderson at 704-432-5492.

Residential Decorative Signs/Signposts

CDOT has developed an amended right-of-way encroachment process for requests to install decorative signposts in the public right-of-way on residential streets.  This amended process is only available for decorative sign post installations on City maintained streets and not on ETJ/NCDOT maintained streets.  An Agreement between the City and the Residential Developer is required for purposes of establishing maintenance responsibilities, liability and holding the City harmless in the event of an accident or damage resulting from the encroachment.  There is no cost for this amended encroachment agreement process and it will be administered through our Public Service Division.   (Note that requests will not be reviewed through the land development/subdivision site plan review process.)  Any questions can be directed to Chip Gallup at 704-336-3922 or