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Block Closings
Citizens may petition for a temporary street/block closing for community functions such as block parties or neighborhood festivals. The City welcomes such activities and CDOT is prepared to assist.

If interested, take the following steps:

1. Plan your activity in advance. Street closings require a completed petition at least FOUR WEEKS prior to an event.

2. Read the Block Party Regulations.

3. Print the Block Party Request and Petition.

4. Complete the petition form by acquiring signatures from 75% of the residents on the affected portion of the street being closed and return it to CDOT. Fax the form and petition to CDOT at 704-336-4400 or mail to:

Public Service & Communications Division
600 East Fourth Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

5. A representative from the Public Service & Communications Division will contact you when your permit is approved, and will help guide you as to where to close your street and what equipment to use. The City does not provide barricades to block streets. Residents are required to provide their own barricades.

6. Remember that streets must be closed from block (cross street) to block (cross street). For instance, you cannot block off a portion of a street in front of only a few homes.

We hope your event is a big success! Remember plan early and contact CDOT's Public Service & Communications Division for the required paperwork.

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