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Fence and Wall Certificates
Section 19-4 of the City Code requires that:

"Any person building or about to build any house, building, fence or wall or construct any sidewalk or pavement along the border or bounding on any of the streets or sidewalks of the City shall have the same located and graded and boundaries thereof adjoining such street or streets, fixed and certified to by the Director of the Charlotte Department of Transportation.

A fence or wall herein described cannot exceed height restriction as provided in the zoning ordinance or within required sight distance triangles at intersections (Section 14-16). And if any person shall construct any house, building, fence, wall, sidewalk or pavement as aforesaid, they shall be subject to punishment as provided in Section 1-7 of this Code for each and every offense; provided, however, that in such case as aforesaid the Director of the Charlotte Department of Transportation shall be paid for his services by the party so building or constructing a reasonable fee in accordance with a fee schedule established by the City Manager."

Submit the attached application along with a drawing of the location as described below. An application cannot be processed without an attached drawing.

Send to:     Department of Transportation
                  600 East Fourth Street
                  Charlotte, N.C. 28202
                  Telephone: 704-336-4119
                  Fax: 704-336-4400

Application Instructions

Location of Fence or Wall:
Provide street name, street address and intersecting street name (if corner location). Please include an engineering scaled drawing (1"-20', 30', 40' or 50'). Also, include:

  • Property lines
  • Location of existing curb, gutter and sidewalk, or edge of pavement/ditch line
  • Location of fence or wall (dimension from right-of-way)
  • Driveway(s)
  • Street name(s)
  • North arrow

Fence or Wall Description/Type:
Please provide information concerning the type of construction and design details including:

  • Construction material (brick, wood, etc.)
  • Length, width and height dimensions
  • Foundation/footing details

NOTE: Any signs which are attached to or designed/constructed as part of the fence or wall must be in compliance with the Sign Ordinance of the Charlotte City Code.

The property owner should be self-explanatory. The applicant may be either the owner or the fence/wall contractor (as agents for the owner).

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Building Standards:
The Fence and Wall Certificate is not intended to relieve the applicant of his responsibility to also secure any and all permits required for the construction of the fence/wall by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Building Standards Department. These additional permits include but are not limited to:

  • A Building Permit for the construction of a fence or wall over six feet in height.
  • A Sign Permit for any sign which is attached to or constructed as part of a fence or wall. All signs must comply with the Sign Ordinance of the Charlotte City Code.