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Special Services
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Uptown Services
Special Services employees provide a variety of services in the Uptown area, with primary concentration on the Tryon Street Mall.  The Tryon Street Mall is defined as Tryon Street from Stonewall to 8th Street and the 100 blocks of East and West Trade. 

Services Include:
  • Street sweeping/flushing and snow hauling, when necessary
  • Litter/debris removal from streets, sidewalks and other public areas
  • Washing, scrubbing, and cleaning of sidewalks in the Tryon Street Mall
  • Snow removal from sidewalks in the Tryon Street Mall, when necessary
  • Maintenance of structures, such as bus shelters, benches, kiosks, trash cans, etc.
  • Maintenance of statues, monuments, plaques, and some artwork
  • Collection of small business garbage and servicing public trash receptacles in Uptown
  • Graffiti removal from sidewalks and public structures
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the areas along the Lynx Blue Line from 7th street to the Bland Street Station
  • Special Event support including planning, street cleaning, litter and trash removal, before during and after events held in the Uptown, such as Speed Street, Taste of Charlotte, etc.