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Privatization & Competition Advisory Committee
The Privatization and Competition Advisory Committee (PCAC) consists of an 11-member panel of citizens; 3 of which are appointed by the Mayor and the remaining 8 appointed by City Council. Committee members typically commit approximately 4 1/2 hours per month to committee business and come from all sectors of the Charlotte business community.

City Council established the Privatization and Competition Advisory Committee in 1993 to monitor the progress of the City in implementing services contracting and asset management, to recommend services and assets to be considered for competition and privatization, and to advise on ways to improve current contracted services with service delivery problems.

The PCAC meets the second Thursday of each month to discuss items that fall within its charge. Various sub-committees are chaired by committee members that research specific possibilities for cost savings or competition potential. Committee members review solicitations for fairness and recommend best practices from the private sector.

Click here to download an application for appointment to the Privatization and Competition Advisory Committee.