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ICMA 100th Anniversary Conference in Charlotte 
Updates from the City of Charlotte

Update 9/16: Low Water Pressure Issues in Southeast Mecklenburg
With the exception of residents on a few streets off of the Plaza, service should be restored to near normal for CMUD customers.  The number of potentially affected homes has been reduced from 40,000 to 300, in the area around the booster pump station. Over the next few days, residents may see some excavation and construction, but CMUD officials believe the situation is isolated and stabilized. Service will return to normal over the next 2-3 days. 
According to Barry Gullet, director of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department, finding the problem required a very systematic search process which proved successful. Click here for more information.

Watch the video CMUD Director Barry Gullet Talks Candidly About Water Valve Repair

Volunteer for the Big Sweep on September 27, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.​
Help sweep the streams and clean the creek! You can help at a staffed location or start your own group and clean up a creek in your neighborhood.

City Council approves funding for Time Warner Cable Arena renovation
Charlotte City Council approved a $29.9 million funding package for renovations and upgrades to Time Warner Cable arena during its September 8 meeting.

City releases results of airport reviews
During its September 8 meeting, Charlotte City Council approved more than $1.5 million to resolve self-reported underpayments from the City to the Airport for City facility leases. 

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