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Zoning Map - City of Charlotte's Jurisdiction

Zoning Map - How to View:

The City of Charlotte Zoning boundaries are now being displayed on 'Virtual Charlotte'. Click on the "Virtual Charlotte" link below. 
Instructions once on Virtual Charlotte;

  1. Click the Plus Sign next "Planning". 
  2. Check the box that indicates "Zoning". 

On Virtual Charlotte, at the top of the page in the 'Search' box; Either Type in a
valid Address, valid Tax Parcel Number or use the Zoom Tool to Zoom In and
Zoom Out.




Zoning designations are periodically updated due to Zoning changes.


For Information regarding the Rezoning Process
Please contact Planning Staff:
John Kinley (704) 336-8311
Solomon Fortune (704) 336-8326
Claire Lyte-Graham (704) 336-3782
Sonja S. Sanders (704)-336-8327
Tammie Keplinger (704)-336-5967

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department
600 East Fourth Street (8th Floor)
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
Phone: (704)-336-2205
Fax Number: (704)-336-5123