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Prosperity Hucks Area Plan
Community Workshop:

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department held a series of public meetings and hands-on work sessions September 16 to 23 to review and refine the Draft Prosperity Hucks Area Plan. The following Summary Memorandum provides key land use and design recommendations for the Activity Center based on the information reviewed and discussed. These recommendations will be the basis for refinements to the Draft Area Plan.

Further details on the Community Workshop sessions are provided below.

Small Group Work Sessions
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Mecklenburg Community Church



Open House: Drop in Consultation/Discussion
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Mecklenburg Community Church




Summary Review
Tuesday, September 23, 2014Crossway Community Church

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Crossway Community Church


At recent meetings to review the Draft Prosperity Hucks Area Plan, residents expressed concerns about elements of the plan, including amount and type of multi-family residential, traffic congestion, need for open space, desire for various types of retail uses, and site design standards. Planning staff is working to better understand these issues, with the intent to refine and augment the plan recommendations. A series of small group meetings were held recently, intended to provide an opportunity for people to discuss their concerns and learn more about the plan and the planning process.

Result of Small Group Meetings:
Planning staff hosted a series of meetings on June 11 and 12 at the Mallard Creek Recreation Center, with notification sent to those who registered attendance at various meetings or who otherwise had been in contact with us to voice concerns. There were six groups over the two day period, with about 70 participants. Each group was presented with the same base material, but each discussion proceeded according to the interests of those in the group. As promised at the meetings, Planning staff has documented the discussion points, as shown below. Staff will use the information gathered to develop potential refinements to the Draft Area Plan for additional community and City Council review.

Frequently Asked Questions: A series of “Frequently Asked Questions” was prepared by some of your neighbors, and posed to Planning Department staff. The answers were posted here earlier, and distributed at the meetings to provide a start for further questions and discussion at the meetings.





Existing Conditions Map Overlays: As an introduction to the discussions, Staff described existing conditions using a series of map overlays, shown here:

Prosperity Hucks maps from Small Group Meetings 

Comparable Village Centers: Also available at the meetings was a series of aerial photos of the Prosperity Village and several other areas already developed in a comparable format, all at the same scale. These include Birkdale Village, Davidson, Rosedale in Huntersville, and a much denser development at Rockville Town Center in Maryland. These aerial photos are shown here:

Prosperity Village comparisons

Meeting Comments:
A record of comments and questions from the meetings is shown here, with comments grouped into several categories: Mix of Use, Character, Open Space, and Transportation; also grouped by whether they were expressions of aspiration or questions. The highlighted words are an attempt to give a sense of the key points, tone, range of issues, and diversity of thoughts expressed. The last two pages show the same comments as expressed in the individual groups.
Small Group Meeting Comments 

Prosperity Village Inspiration Photos:
At the Small Group meetings, participants were given a “homework” assignment to send photos of places and things that they like and think might be appropriate within the proposed Village Center; and to send photos of things they do not like and think should not be a part of the village. Here is the collection received so far. The photos, captions, and text shown are all as submitted by small group meeting community participants.
Prosperity Village Inspiration Photos  Inspiration Photos


The Draft Prosperity Hucks Area Plan is here. It reflects changes made as a result of comments at the meeting on August 8, 2013, as well as other comments received through December when the Draft document was published. 

Street Names: A reconsideration of street names within the Village Center has occurred independent of this plan. Current street names are in the attached map; the street names will be incorporated in the final document

An area plan is a policy document that provides the framework for future growth and development and serves as guidance for elected officials when making land use decisions. The Plan recommends changes in the future use of property within the area. See map above for the plan boundary.

Previous Meeting Dates & Materials:

Planning Committee Public Comment – January 21, 2014
As part of the official plan adoption process, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Committee received public comments on the Draft Document.

Public Forum – January 14, 2014

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department held a public forum to review the “final draft” Prosperity Hucks Area Plan, with maps and other details displayed and staff available to respond to questions and comments. The draft document is still subject to changes as the review process continues, with the changes to be documented separately for City Council Consideration. After adoption, the changes will be incorporated into the final adopted published document.

Community Meeting
- August 8, 2013

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department held a public meeting in the community to receive input on the Draft Prosperity Hucks Area Plan*.  A summary of the document was presented.

Community Workshop II - January 10, 2013


Community Workshop I - December 6, 2012

Public Kick-Off Meeting - November 15, 2012

Area Plan Purpose
An area plan is a policy document that provides the framework for future growth and development within its specific geography. The plan will update portions of previously adopted area plans and will serve as a guide for elected and appointed officials when making land use, zoning, and capital investment decisions.

Prosperity Hucks Area Plan Boundary
The City of Charlotte is developing an area plan for the Prosperity Hucks area (see boundary map above) which will serve as a policy guide for future growth and development.

  • The plan includes the emerging Prosperity Church Road Mixed Use Center where Prosperity Church Road intersects I-485. The 1999 Prosperity Church Road Villages Plan called for this to be a mixed use pedestrian-oriented village. This plan process will review that recommendation and determine an appropriate size and boundary for the village.
  • The plan area also includes a number of established and emerging neighborhoods. The plan will explore measures to preserve and protect these neighborhoods, while providing for any particular needed improvements.
  • The plan will review existing and proposed street network to facilitate safety, accessibility, and efficiency.

Public Involvement
It is important for area residents, property owners, business owners and other interested persons to participate in the plan development process and assist in developing the vision that will help shape future development in the area.

Property owners, please be advised that the area plan could recommend a change in the future use of land within the study area.

Public Meetings
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department held a series of public meetings to receive input on development of the Prosperity Hucks Area Plan:
Public Kick-Off Meeting: November 15
Community Workshop I: December 6
Community Workshop II: January 10 

At the Community Workshops, citizens reviewed specific concepts and worked with staff to refine plan recommendations.

Based on this process, a draft document was developed and was available for public review and comment at further public meetings. 



For more information regarding the Prosperity Hucks Area Plan,
Please contact:
Kent Main
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department
600 East Fourth Street (8th Floor)
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202