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Small Business Contracting Opportunities
The City of Charlotte has 14 Departments, and each department performs a function to service the City’s citizens either directly or through a supporting role. In order for each department to perform its necessary functions, the City purchases goods or services from commercial vendors. The City’s Procurement Service Division (PSD) is responsible for the majority of purchasing and contracts. However, each department has wide discretion in its purchasing ability so that it can obtain the goods or services for its particular needs.

The City starts the process of purchasing a good or service by soliciting offers from prospective vendors. Solicitation for offers is the City’s method of announcing to the public its plans of acquiring a good or service. Solicitations come in the form of a RFQ (Request for Quote), RFP (Request for Proposal) or ITB (Invitation to Bid).

Purchases and contracts for goods or services greater than $100,000 (known as Formal purchases/contracts) are advertised in local newspapers, North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System (NCIPS), on the City’s website or through direct contact (phone/fax/email).

Purchases and contracts for goods or services less than $100,000 (known as Informal purchases/contracts) are not subject to public advertisements. Informal purchases or contracts can be made through direct contact (phone/fax/email).

Small Businesses seeking to do business with the City of Charlotte are strongly encouraged to seek Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Certification.

City Departments
Engineering & Property Management
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities 
Charlotte-Douglas Intl. Airport -Aviation 
Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) 
City/County Procurement Services Office
SBO Liaison Contact List

Other Agencies
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (MWSBE Program)
Mecklenburg County (MWBSE Program)
NC IPS - Interactive Purchasing System
UNC Charlotte Capital Projects
CMHP - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership
NC Dept. of Transportation
Central Contractor Registration
Federal Government Procurement Portal
Government Supply Administration (GSA)
Federal Military Base Registry
Federal HUBZone Contracting Program

Other Resources
CPCC Small Business Center
Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Small Business Center (RCCC)
Small Business Technology Development Center (SBDTC)
US Small Business Administration (SBA)
State of North Carolina HUB Office

SBO Policies & Reports
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