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Quality of Life Study Public Forums
Neighborhood & Business Services is seeking public input on proposed revisions to the 2012 Quality of Life Study, performed under contract with University of North Carolina – Charlotte (UNCC) Metropolitan Studies Institute. The public forums informed the public about the proposed boundaries of the new Neighborhood Profile Areas, which align with census boundaries to capture new census information and increase the number of areas for which data is collected.

The forums also provided an update on new energy data being collected and solicit input on other data the community would like to explore incorporating into the 2012 Quality of Life Study.

The public forums were held during the month of June.  Please email your questions or comments about the 2012 Quality of Life Study changes to qualityoflife@charlottenc.gov.

A final proposal from UNCC for the 2012 Quality of Life Report will come to the Housing and Neighborhood Development Committee and Council this summer.

The Quality of Life Study evaluates social, crime, physical and economic conditions in Charlotte's neighborhoods every two years. The City, County, CMS and other agencies use this information to:
  • Develop action/work plans
  • Determine resource allocation
  • Identify capacity-building opportunities
  • Allows disparate groups to work collaboratively on a shared set of goals
  • Neighborhood associations also use the information to understand their communities and develop their work plans

  • 173 Neighborhood statistical areas (NSA's)
  • One overall score of "stable", "transitioning" and "challenged" was given to each NSA
  • Analyzed City neighborhood areas only
  • 20 neighborhood variables were considered
  • 394 neighborhood profile areas (NPA's) that will expand to include the County region
  • Incorporating environmental data, median household income, ratio of income to poverty level and home occupancy as new variables
  • It is yet to be determined how many variables will be used in the 2012 Study
    • We will take into account the information received from the public meetings on what the public would like included
  • Multiple scores will be given to the NPA's – the categories of "stable", "transitioning" and "challenged" will be eliminated.
    • The new categories have not yet been determined but UNCC is researching the effectiveness of assigning grades for the different measures.
    • The NPA would have a series of grades rather than an overall designation
  • Increased accuracy:
    • Some of the current boundaries are large, some of the current neighborhoods are small. The new boundaries will be more consistent and will better align with available data sources, providing more accurate information about the neighborhoods
  • Develop current, relevant variables – Quality of Life means different things to people in different areas of the City
  • The way the Study stand today makes it very difficult for a "Challenged" or "Transitioning" NSA to ever graduate into a "Stable" NSA because they are measured against other neighborhoods.
    • In the new study, different data will be treated differently. Some variables will be measured against a fixed goal, others will be measured in relation to City averages. A part of the new study will be to determine the best way to each variable to be reported
  • Educate the public on the new boundaries
  • Receive input as to what data/variables they think are important to include in the study for their NPA