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Neighborhood Nuisances - Identify and Prevent
Did You Know?
In one year, there were 124,530 code violations.  49,527 of these violations were "nuisance violations". 

Nuisance violations include: tall weeds and grass, bulky items, parking on the lawn, garbage and rollout container infractions and other dilapidated conditions. 

54% occurred on rental properties while 46% were on owner occupied properties.

Learn more about common nuisance violations.

Violation Process

After reporting a violation, what's the next step? 

Learn the steps in the nuisance code violation process.

Common Nuisance Violations

From rollout containers to tall weeds and grass, learn more about common nuisance violations.

Top 10 Nuisance Code Violations

Find out the Top 10 Nuisance Code Violations and more about the code enforcement process
Neighborhood Association Toolkit

Maybe your neighbor would appreciate being alerted to a nuisance issue rather than receiving a violation. 

Tips for approaching your neighbors

Landlord Toolkit

Landlords are encouraged to be responsible property owners and educate tenants on nuisance violations.

Tools to help educate your tenants