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Candidate Application Packet Instructions
We will ask for your Personal Documents upon successful completion of the CPAT.  Please do not send these materials to us until we ask for them.  Some documents (like the driving records, transcripts, and criminal records) will take some time to obtain.  You should start working on getting these documents now so you will have everything ready if you are called for an interview.

 Personal Documents List:

1.  Color photo of yourself, 3X5" or 5 X7"

2.  Photocopy of your Driver's License

3.  Photocopy of your High School Diploma or GED scores

4.  College transcripts, if any, in a sealed envelope from the school registrar

5.  Photocopy of  DD-214 or other military record, if any

6.  Your criminal record, notarized by the clerk of court in your county

7. Certified copy of your motor vehicle/driving record. 

8. Photocopy of your EMT certification, if applicable

Please follow these directions when assembling your documents:

  • Please assemble a complete set of documents (1-8) in the order listed above.
  • Do not staple, bend, or bind your personal materials in notebooks, sheet covers, or other materials.   
  • Make sure that your name is written clearly on each page.   
  • If you cannot get a copy of your High School Diploma, you may submit a copy of your transcript, which indicates a date of graduation. 
  • Even if you have never been arrested, you must include your criminal record.  It will certify that there is no record.  In North Carolina and most other states, you must obtain this from the Clerk of Court's office.