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Carbon Monoxide "The Silent Killer"

If your carbon monoxide detector alarms…do not hesitate, go outside and call 911.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is the number 1 cause of poisoning deaths in the United States, killing more than 3,800 individuals annually. 

CO is a colorless, odorless gas. Because you cannot see, taste or smell it, CO can kill you before you know it is there. Symptoms of CO poisoning include flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, confusion and breathing difficulties.
CO is a byproduct of incomplete combustion of fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, wood or coal. Common causes of carbon monoxide poisoning include; malfunctioning appliances, furnaces, stoves, ovens, water heaters charcoal grills and motor vehicles.

How to Protect Yourself: 

  • You should have a UL approved battery operated carbon monoxide alarm on each level of your home. Batteries should be checked monthly and batteries replaced when you change your clocks.
  • To protect your family have a qualified professional check all fuel burning appliances, furnaces, venting and chimney systems at least once a year or as recommended by the manufacturer.

For More Information:  Consumer Product Safety Commission