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Landscape & Beautification
Landscape Management’s Landscape & Beautification section has a staff of nine individuals that are responsible for the management of trees, shrubs, turf, and irrigation systems around City-owned buildings, open green spaces and medians in the Central Business District.

Landscape & Beautification maintains Settlers Cemetery, First Ward medians, the Trade Street corridor, flower beds and planters on the Tryon Street Mall, five City-owned ornamental fountains, and landscapes around CATS facilities, light rail stations, and corridors.


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Interesting Facts

• The Landscape & Beautification section manages over 75 properties that include building grounds, Center City streetscapes, parking lots, training facilities, storage lots, and small parks.

• The City of Charlotte actually owns only three parks:  Arequipa Park at Tryon Street & 6th Street, Crescent Park in First Ward, and Thomas Polk Park at Trade & Tryon Streets. All other parks are owned and managed by Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information on turf management?

Visit: http://www.turffiles.ncsu.edu/

Where can I find information on ornamental plants?
Visit: http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/

What plants are best suited for the Charlotte area?
Landscape Management has a list of recommended plants to use in urban and traffic areas. You may also utilize the NCSU website listed above.

What is the Tryon Street Mall and where is it?
The Tryon Street Mall is a tree-lined pedestrian mall located on Tryon Street between Stonewall Street and Ninth Street, in the center of Charlotte’s Central Business District. The mall consists of wide sidewalks, raised planters, benches and information kiosks, with small city owned and private owned green spaces and fountains adjacent to it. There are shops, restaurants, banks and other businesses, and entertainment along the 10 block area.

Landscape Management maintains a comprehensive tree, flower and plant program along the mall.

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