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City Cemetery Operations & Maintenance
The City of Charlotte owns and operates six cemeteries:
  • Evergreen (map)
    4426 Central Avenue - 28205 (Administrative Office is at Evergreen)
  • Elmwood (map)
    700 W. 6th Street - 28202
  • Oaklawn (map)
    1612 Oaklawn Avenue - 28216
  • Ninth Street Pinewood
    700 W. 6th St. - 28202
  • North Pinewood
    N. Summit Ave. & Andrill Terrace - 28216
  • West Pinewood
    N. Summit Avenue - 28216

Adult grave spaces are available for sale at three of the City Cemeteries: Evergreen, Oaklawn, and North Pinewood. Monument and non-monument spaces and in-ground cremain spaces are available at Evergreen and Oaklawn. Niches in the columbarium located in Evergreen are available for sale for the entombment of cremated remains. Interments occur in all of the City Cemeteries.

All of the City-owned cemeteries are in perpetual care. This means the grass and grounds will be properly taken care of forever. However, perpetual care does not mean the repair or replacement of any markers, vases, and monuments.

The Administrative office is located in the Evergreen Cemetery at 4426 Central Avenue. Please call 704-336-2123 for an appointment to see available spaces and also for prices and general information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost more to purchase property at time of need?

No. Prices are the same whether purchased pre-need or at time of need.

Who performs grounds maintenance in City Cemeteries?
Private grounds maintenance contractors, hired by the City, perform these duties.

Does the City operate and maintain all the cemeteries within the city limits of Charlotte?
No. The City maintains six (6) cemeteries: Elmwood, Evergreen, Oaklawn, North Pinewood, West Pinewood and Ninth St. Pinewood.

Where can I obtain genealogy information on my ancestors buried in the City cemeteries?
You can find genealogy information on your descendants at the Carolina Room at the Main Library located at 310 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina. Call 704-416-0150 or email NCR@charottelibrary.org.

How did the City get started in the cemetery business?
The City has been in the cemetery business since the 1800’s. The “Old Cemetery” which is also referred to as Old Settlers Cemetery, located on Fifth Street behind the Presbyterian Church, was the first grave yard in Charlotte and was used as the “Town” Cemetery until a few years prior to the Civil War, about 1853-1854. At that time, because of its small size and crowded condition, it was closed and the City opened Elmwood.

Today, people choose the City Cemeteries because they believe the City is an enduring and stable entity, and provides a range of services at reasonable prices.

Interesting Facts

On July 19, 1944, the City Council authorized the purchase of a tract of land on Albemarle Road (now known as Central Avenue) for the purpose of establishing Evergreen Cemetery. The first burial in Evergreen was on January 25, 1947.

Oaklawn: Originally established as a private cemetery by the Hendrix family around 1915. The first burial in Oaklawn took place on July 30, 1916. The City took over the operation of Oaklawn on November 1, 1956.

Elmwood: First recorded burials in 1855. Many of Charlotte’s prominent citizens are buried in Elmwood. Governor Cameron Morrison; Dr. Annie Alexander, first female physician in the south; Phillip Lance Van Every, started Lance, Inc., and two term mayor; John Motley Morehead, U. S. Senator and Congressman and many more. Movie actor Randolph Scott is buried in Elmwood. An array of unique and elaborate headstones and monuments can be found in the cemetery such as the Severs log cabin which was carved from one 15-ton piece of granite.

Pinewood: The Smith mausoleum in 9th St. Pinewood was built by W. W. Smith, successful African American architect, whose mausoleum characterizes his unique design and style. Also, the Jones mausoleum which is located a short distance from the Smith mausoleum was designed by W. W. Smith.

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