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As of April 1, 2014, the Planning Department, Department of Transportation, and Engineering & Property Management Department require all residential subdivision-related plans, commercial site development plans, and as-builts to be submitted for review using Accela Citizen Access as electronic files (PDF) only - no paper plans are accepted.

City of Charlotte staff utilizes Adobe® Acrobat® for electronic plan (EPLAN) review and commenting.  This alternative to submittal of multiple sets of paper plans saves printing and courier costs.  At the same time, EPLAN review helps streamline and simplify the review process and enable Land Development to build an electronic archive of approved plans.


Accela Citizen AccessAll new applications for the project types listed above must be submitted via our web-based permit tracking system, Accela Citizen Access.  Customers can log-in to the system and create their own applications for a new plan review, and then simply attach PDFs of site plans to that application before submitting.  For more information on the process, visit Accela Citizen Access and log-in with your username and password. 

Review fees must be paid for new applications using cash, check (payable to "City of Charlotte"), or an established Mecklenburg County account.  Once fees are received by City Land Development, the plan review can proceed.  Utilizing on-screen comment & markup software, plan reviewers can do a simultaneous EPLAN review within the typical review timeframe.  The applicant will receive an auto-generated email from the Accela system that lets them know when the reviewers' comments are available for download from Accela Citizen Access.  The customer can then upload/attach their re-submittals of plans and calculations to the project record in Accela Citizen Access - a notification is generated to staff and this will begin the next round of review.  Once all reviews are complete and the plans are approved by all reviewers, the PDF will be electronically stamped "approved" and attached as a permanent archive copy to the project record in the Accela permitting software (visit Accela Citizen Access).

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement also accepts submittals of commercial plans for electronic plan review within their jurisdiction.  Their process is similar to the City Land Development EPLAN Review process but it is a completely different system.  Please visit the Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement website for Electronic Plan Review for more information.

Please read the Requirements and FAQ below for more information on how to use EPLANs!


  • Plans must be "to scale", PDF format, scanned original plans, with professional seal & signature (or other acceptable electronic format per NCBELS regulations 21 NCAC 56.1103)
  • Include a PDF of sealed engineering calculations, drainage area maps, exhibits, and/or supporting documentation
  • Include a completed Financial Responsibility Form for projects involving land disturbance of one acre or greater.
  • PLEASE NOTE - size limit including attached files: 50 MB
  • Combine multiple PDF sheets in Acrobat, using the "Smaller file size" setting which compresses the image even more but keeps it legible. 
  • Ensure that all pages are in order, and rotated properly for viewing on-screen.
  • Review fees must be paid using cash, check (payable to "City of Charlotte"), or an established Mecklenburg County account.
  • Please contact Land Development Division by telephone at 704-336-6692 with any customer service questions about ACA or EPLAN Review.


  • Plot the plans to a 24"x36" size and ensure the design professional has sealed and signed them, then scan back in to PDF.  Exporting drawings from AutoCAD directly to PDF will keep the CAD "objects" in the file and subsequently create a much larger PDF file size.
  • When scanning plan sheets, set the scanner to around 100-150 dpi resolution.  This creates a clear, legible PDF but keeps file size to a minimum.


 No Paper Plans    No Paper Plans


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What type of Plan can I submit as an EPLAN?
What electronic format can I submit my EPLANs in?
How do I track the status of my EPLAN review?
Can I submit a Revision to a Previously Approved Plan?

What type of plan can I submit as an EPLAN?
All residential and commercial subdivisions and commercial site development plans are required to be submitted as electronic plans now.  In addition, subdivision sketch plans and plats, as-builts, and grading plans are to be EPLANs.  (top)

What electronic format can I submit my EPLANs in?
Currently to utilize the EPLAN Review process we require that you submit your plans in PDF format (to scale).  It is critical that the submittal meets the NCBELS rules and regulations for electronically submitted plans.  The simplest way to meet these rules is to ensure that your plans are plotted, signed and sealed by a professional, scanned, and saved to PDF format.   (top)

How do I track the status of my EPLAN review?
You should continue to use ACCELA Citizen Access to track the status of your plan.  Please visit Accela Citizen Access at http://aca.accela.com/charlotte/ and utilize the "Search Applications" feature to find the detailed entry for your project.   (top)

Can I submit a Revision to a Previously Approved Plan?
Yes, simply select that category when you create a new on-line Application in Accela Citizen Access, and submit the proper review fee for a revision.  Because there is no "insert" or "slipsheet" process required with EPLANs, the revision to the plan should include the entire plan set  - not just select revised sheets.     (top)

What notification do I receive when the plan is approved, and will I get the plans sent back to me?
When all reviewers have approved an EPLAN, they will sign off in the Accela permitting system accordingly.  If the plan review is finalized and no additional reviews are needed (i.e. NCDOT driveway permit review), the PDF plans including Acrobat approval stamps added will be available to the applicant (and the general public) as an attachment to the Accela permit record for the project as a related document.  The Applicant for the project will receive an automated e-mail to let them know the plans are approved and available.  (top)