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Surety Reduction Reviews

Requests for Surety Reduction Reviews for eligible sureties may be made at any time during the life of the project.  Requests for reductions (excluding BMPs) must be in writing using a Surety Reduction, Renewal and Replacement Request Form  and must be accompanied by a copy of the recorded plat and any subsequent revisions (highlighted for installed sidewalk where appropriate).  Please note, reduction requests must be submitted with the applicable fee.  The review process will not begin until payment is received.

Mail all requests to the attention of Bond Administration, Land Development Division, 600 East Fourth Street, Charlotte, NC 28202-2844.

Surety Reduction Reviews may require up to ten (10) business days to complete.  Upon receipt of the reduction review results, the issuing Bank, Surety Company or Surety Agent will then require time to process the Amendment or Rider necessary to officially amend the Surety on file with Land Development.  We therefore encourage our customers to send Reduction Review Requests well in advance of due dates for Renewals (LOC's) or Continuation Certificates (Surety Bonds), as reduction reviews in progress do not affect due dates for these documents.