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Engineering Services
The Engineering Services Division is responsible for planning, design, construction administration, and project management services on a variety of transportation, neighborhood improvement, business corridor, environmental and economic development projects. They also provide conceptual planning services for unfunded projects such as proposed thoroughfare alignments.

Engineering Services Division
David Meachum, P.E.
Division Manager
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Engineering Services strives to build projects that exceed expectations regarding schedule, cost, scope, quality of services and quality of deliverables.
Building Communities for Charlotte
The ultimate challenge of this division's work is not to merely build projects but to build communities. The Engineering Services Division manages its work through the following distinct sections:
Transportation Program (City and State Roads)

This team provides project management services on various Road Bond Programs Program; working very closely with the Charlotte Department of Transportation to assist in developing and implementing these programs of work.
Program Managers:  Tim Greene, 704-336-3649  and Bette Frederick, 704-336-4723

Sidewalk Program
This team provides project management services on the Sidewalk Program; working very closely with the Charlotte Department of Transportation to assist in developing and implementing this program of work.
Program Manager:  Bette Frederick, 704-336-4723

Urban Infrastructure
This team provides project management services on a variety of urban infrastructure programs and projects, including the:

  • Center City Transportation Program
  • Farm to Market Roadway Improvements Program
  • Area Plan Program
  • Community Economic Development (CED) Program
  • Transit/Growth Corridor Infrastructure Program
  • Urban Infrastructure Projects
This team works closely with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission staff and Charlotte’s Department of Transportation to develop program requirements and funding and to implement engineering planning, design, and construction for selected projects. Additional work includes miscellaneous uptown projects and Economic Development public/private efforts.
Program Manager:   Jim Keenan, 704-336-4252 

Neighborhood Improvement Program
This team provides project management services on the Neighborhood Improvement Program working very closely with the Neighborhood Development Department to assist in developing and implementing programs of work to revitalize fragile neighborhoods. This work often involves cooperative ventures with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utility Department and the Storm Water Division of Engineering & Property Management.
Program Manager:   Carl Jarrett, 704-336-4123

In-house Planning and Design
This team provides in-house design services for the Minor Roadway Improvement and Sidewalk Programs. This team will also provide planning services for future roadway alignments as identified by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Thoroughfare Plan.
Program Manager:   Veronica Wallace704-336-7401

Construction Program
This team provides construction administration and field oversight of capital projects and the Street Resurfacing Program managed by Engineering Services. A team of construction managers and inspectors oversees the projects during the construction phase ensuring project safety, proper traffic phasing and accountability for construction costs, schedule and quality.
Construction Manager: Bryan Tarlton, 704-336-3170

Environmental Program
This team supports the environmental expenses incurred by the City due to the ownership of buildings and property. Projects supported include the management of former City landfills, asbestos-in-buildings surveys, Phase l Property Audits, environmental site assessments to support Economic Development projects, rapid response to discovered environmental contamination, state/federal EPA reporting obligations, and the remediation of contaminated properties.
Program Manager:  David Wolfe, 704-336-3602