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Sidewalk Program

Sidewalks and walkways are "travel lanes" that provide people with space to travel that is separated from vehicles. These facilities improve mobility for pedestrians and provide access for all types of pedestrian travel: to and from home, work, parks, schools, shopping areas, transit stops, and others. Walkways should be part of every new and renovated facility and every effort should be made to retrofit streets that currently do not have sidewalks.” (Source: www.WalkingInfo.Org)

As part of its Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the City of Charlotte builds sidewalks to provide a safe, comfortable and connected pedestrian system to improve the quality of life of its residents, visitors and businesses. The City’s adopted Transportation Action Plan (TAP) calls for the prioritization, design, construction and maintenance of convenient and efficient transportation facilities to improve safety, neighborhood livability, promote transportation choices and meet land use objectives. As part of that plan, Objective 2.7 of the TAP calls for the construction of 625 miles of new sidewalks by 2030.   Under current funding levels, at least 10 miles of new sidewalks are planned for completion each year to help accommodate that goal.  Policy 2.7.3 calls for sidewalks to be constructed consistent with Urban Street Design Guidelines and every effort shall be made to meet the intent of the guidelines when designing sidewalk projects.

The City’s Sidewalk Program currently allocates $7,500,000 annually funded through Street Bonds.  Sidewalks are requested and prioritized in accordance with the City’s Sidewalk Retrofit Policy.  Sidewalk repairs can also be requested by calling 311.       

To learn more about Charlotte's Sidewalk Program, contact CDOT at 704-336-3893.

For more information on E&PM's sidewalk program, contact Bette Frederick at 704-336-4723.