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Charlotte's sidewalk program
As part of its Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the City of Charlotte builds sidewalks to provide a safe, comfortable and connected pedestrian system to improve the quality of life of its residents, visitors and businesses.
The City's adopted Transportation Action Plan (TAP) calls for the prioritization, design, construction and maintenance of convenient and efficient transportation facilities to improve safety, neighborhood livability, promote transportation choices and meet land use objectives.

The City allocates money (through neighborhood bonds) to fund the Sidewalk Program.  Sidewalks are requested and prioritized in accordance with the City's Sidewalk Retrofit Policy.  Sidewalk repairs can also be requested by calling 311. Citizens may learn more about the Sidewalk Program by contacting Charlotte's Department of Transportation at 704-336-3893 or visiting the web site: Charlotte's Sidewalk Program
Street crew constructing a sidewalk
The City builds more than 5 miles of new sidewalk each year.

Engineering & Property Management is currently managing the following sidewalk projects:

Fifth ​​​​Street (at N. College Street) - Len Chapman, 704-336-6750
Gibbon Road (from Nevin Road to W. Sugar Creek) - Allison Brickey, 704-432-5529
Kilborne Drive (from Eastway Drive to Central Avenue) - Mark Grimshaw​, 704-336-4549
Markland Drive (from Kenhill Drive to Dentra Place) - Cary Chereshkoff, 704-336- 7040
Nations Ford Road I (from S. Tryon to Tyvola Road) - Bette Frederick, 704-336-4723
Nevin Road (from Alpine Lane to Gibbon Road) - Allison Brickey, 704-432-5529
Nevin Road (from Lake Road to Alpine Lane) - Sonji Mosley, 704-336-3214
Providence Road (200' north of Mamouth Oaks Dr to East Barden) - Sonji Mosley, 704-336-3214
Rea Road Sidewalk (from Windyrush Road to Swans Run Road)  Keith Bryant, 704-336-4250
Remount (from West Boulevard to railroad bridge) - Valerie Hanes, 704-336-3628
S. Tryon Street I (from Tyvola to Nations Ford) - Sonji Mosley, 704-336-3214
Sunset Road (from Statesville Rd to Beatties Ford) - Alan Morrison, 704-336-7266
Tom Short Road (from Ardrey Kell to Haddonfield Place) - Beth Hassenfritz, 704-336-2289
Wedgefield Drive (from Markland Dr to Kenhill Dr) - Cary Chereshkoff, 704-336- 7040
West Mallard Creek Church Road (from Mallard Creek to Claude Freeman Drive) - Keith Bryant, 704-336-4250
Woodfox Dr/Rounding Run Rd (from Strawberry Ln to Raintree) - Keith Bryant, 704-336-4250