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Neighborhood Improvement Projects
In the late 80's, Charlotte began taking action to revitalize, stabilize and maintain the infrastructure of its neighborhoods. In 1990 the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program was originated and funded at $2 million annually. From 1990-1996, the program concentrated in City within a City (CWAC) Neighborhoods such as Beatties Ford Road, Sterling and Villa Heights. 

In November of 1996, Charlotte voters approved $32 million in Neighborhood Improvement bonds that targeted neighborhoods such as Hidden Valley, Lincoln Heights and Moores Chapel. In 2000, Charlotte voters approved $32 million in Neighborhood Improvement bonds which included West Boulevard, Plaza Midwood and the Thomasboro/Hoskins neighborhoods. 

construction photo

$13.8 million was approved in 2004 and will be used to fund the Belmont Revitalization Plan and Hope VI Project ($8.8 million) and to complete construction of the 2000 bonds ($5 million). 

In November 2006, voters approved $25,000,000 for neighborhood projects.  Design contracts were awarded on May 14, 2007 and the public input process has begun on fourteen projects.

Neighborhood projects for which there are specific web pages include: