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Leadership Team

Engineering & Property Management (E&PM) is one of fifteen Key Business Units (KBU) within the City of Charlotte organization. E&PM's staff of approximately 390 employees operates under the direction of a leadership team consisting of the Key Business Executive (City Engineer), Deputy Directors, a Communications Manager, and Division Managers. The Technology Services Manager, Landscape Services Manager and Project Process Manager also participate on the Leadership Team. 

This group works as a standing team to make strategic decisions, while the Division Managers supervise day-to-day operations of the key business unit.

Current Team Members:

  • City Engineer Jeb Blackwell, PE, 704-336-3603
  • Deputy City Engineer Tim Richards, PE, 704-336-4555
  • Deputy Director Gina Shell, 704-336-4648
  • Communications Manager Jim Banbury, 704-336-3610
  • Building Services Division Manager William Haas, 704-336-4625 
  • Business Services Division Manager Mike Nail, 704-336-3625
  • Engineering Services Division Manager David Meachum, PE, 704-336-4122
  • Land Development Division Manager Dave Weekly, PE, 704-336-4103
  • Landscape Services Manager John Lojko, 704-336-5056
  • Real Estate Division Manager Tony Korolos at 704-336-4191
  • Storm Water Services Division Manager Jennifer Smith, PE, 704-336-7924
  • Project Process Manager Mike Hoy, PE, 704-336-3658
  • Technology Services Manager Tom Calhoun, 704-336-2946
Engineering & Property Management
600 E. Fourth Street
Charlotte, NC  28202