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Peer mediation
The Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Project is a program designed to help students learn interpersonal and constructive conflict management skills. The intervention consists of two critical elements: conflict resolution skills training and the peer mediation program.

Peer mediation programPeer mediation program
Peer mediation trust exercisePeer mediation group shows their certificates

Conflict resolution skills training
Dispute Settlement develops a personalized conflict resolution training to address issues and concerns at the request of elementary, middle, and high schools in and around Charlotte Mecklenburg. The goal is to help students understand ways they may successfully manage their conflict instead of allowing their conflicts to manage them. The training consist of  looking at  conflict as a positive opportunity to resolve issues,  by exploring effective communication styles, understanding and dealing with anger, practicing active listening and  learning peer mediation skills through interactive role playing activities and exercises.

Peer mediation program
A small group of students usually 20-30 (from grades 3-12) are chosen by school staff based on the school needs as well as a cross section of the student population. Grade, sex, race, level of school involvement and leadership potential are all considered. All mediations are conducted by pairs of mediators with minimal adult supervision, and proceedings are recorded on mediation agreement forms. Each school develops their own referral processes with the assistance of DSP staff.
Through the years both programs have proven to be very successful in settling disputes among students and offer the student mediator important communication, listening, and conflict resolution skills that they will undoubtedly need as they progress through school and move on to further their education and join the workforce. The two day training is free!!