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Meet the committee

The volunteers who comprise members of the Community Relations Committee are an integral part of the human relations support system for the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. CRC members pursue activities that

  • ensure fair housing practices and access to public accommodations;
  • assist in settling dispute and group conflicts;
  • improve race, ethnic and community relations;
  • prevent discrimination; and
  • improve communication among various community groups and individuals.

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Committee and subcommittee members

Patricia AlbrittonCRC Chair, Program Chair
Jaye M. AlexanderPolice
Madelyn BaerIntercultural Relations
Henry Black, Jr.Police
Sabrina Brinson
Clair Craig-Lane
Sandra Donaghy
Larry Edwards
Maya Engle
Marc FriedlandCommunications
Roderick Garvin
Tyyawdi HandsYoung Leaders Program
Brenda Hayden
Mable Hemphill
Gwendolyn HighEducation Program
Jibril HoughInterculture Relations Chair, Communications
Janet LamaPolice, Young Leaders Program
Melvin Lowery
Edward MattisonYoung Leaders, Education
LaWana MayfieldYoung Leaders Program, Chair
Shannon McKnight
Sharon MerrittProgram
Damon MillerProgram
Kwesi Nichols
Tin Nguyen
Kathleen Odom
Aaron OrrPolice Program
Marty Puckett
Valarie Reed
Jacqlin Robinson-Ross
Lisa RudisillEducation
Jill Santuccio
Omar SaxtonYoung Leaders, Communications
Bill SchreinerPolice
David SmithPolice
Ruth StevensonEducation, Chair
Pat TaftPolice Community Relations, Chair
Michael TanckCommunications, Chair
Carrie Taylor
Rhonda TaylorEducation
Glenn Thomas
Thomas J. Vinson, Jr.
Bahiyyah WalkerYoung Leaders, Police, Intercultural
Dwayne WalkerCRC Vice Chair
Doug Wilson