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Lost Pets
If you are looking for information about a lost pet, your best resource is to call 311 and come to CMPD Animal Care & Control in person at 8315 Byrum Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28217. Please DO NOT email the shelter asking about your lost pet. Due to space restrictions, Animal Care & Control holds animals for three days only and cannot guarantee that a staff member will be able to read and respond to your email within this 72-hour timeframe.

If you believe that you have found your pet, come to the shelter with the 7 digit animal ID number as well as proof that this pet is yours. Vet records and pictures of you and your pet together are the best way to prove that pet is yours. To get complete instructions on how to reclaim your pet, visit our reclaim page.

Scroll down for further instructions relating to lost pets.
If you have found a stray pet, go to our Found Pets page for more information.

Locate Your Missing Pet
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*Please be sure to look at every picture on each page.  If you would like additional information on each animal make sure to click the photo to see when the animal arrived at the shelter.*

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CMPD Animal Care & Control picks up and receives stray or lost animals found by members of the community. If an animal comes to the shelter with identification such as a rabies tag, microchip or tattoo, Animal Care & Control officers will make every effort to locate the owner. This may take several days.

If you have lost your pet, we strongly suggest that you come to the shelter and look through the animals in our kennels. After all, you know your pet best. Animal Care & Control hold animals for three days only, so you need to come to the shelter as soon as possible. There are certain areas of the shelter that are not open to the public, but there is a kiosk in the lobby where you can view all animals housed in restricted areas. Also, it is recommended that you visit the shelter every three days.
The towns of Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville and Matthews have their own Animal Control officers. If you live in one of these towns, you should also check with your local police department.

If you have lost your pet:
  • Make a flyer at or at Fliers can be sent to and they will be posted on the AC&C Facebook page as soon as possible. Lost animal pictures can also be sent via a private facebook message along with contact information and where the animal was lost/last seen.
  • If the pet is microchipped contact the microchip company and let them know that your pet is lost. Make sure all personal information (address, phone numbers, etc.) are up-to-date at the same time. They will alert veterinarian offices as well as Animal Control agencies near your home.
  • Come to the AC&C shelter to check the found animal reports.
  • Owner’s that have lost their pets should check local newspapers in the classified ads section, local bulletin boards, AC&C Facebook page in the found picture album, and national lost/found pet websites to see if anyone has posted their pets in the found sections. (Three common lost/found sites to share your lost flyers and look for found pets: Lost & Found Dogs - North Carolina, the Lost and Found Pets-Charlotte group page, and Craig's list).
  • It’s important for owners that have lost their pets to check the AC&C lost/found page on the website daily as new animals are brought in at all hours of each day. If you think you might have found your pet online PLEASE come to the shelter to see them in person. Bring proof of ownership with you just in case the pet you saw online is yours so we can expedite the reclaim process. (It's also a good idea to check the AC&C Facebook page for new found pet flyers.)
If you have lost your pet, and you know its Identification number, you can use the search bar below to search our database for it. Please put an A in front of the numbers when entering them (ex. A1234567)