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Kerr Putney, Chief of Police

Kerr Putney was sworn in as chief of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on June 29, 2015. He was hired by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in August of 1992. Since that time, he has held a variety of patrol, training and specialized assignments at various ranks within the organization. He was promoted to the rank of deputy chief in September of 2007.

Chief Putney was previously assigned to the administrative services group where he managed the operation of the administrative functions of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. He supervised the Computer technology services bureau (CTS). In that role, he helped prioritize and develop plans to enhance and maintain the technological advances of the organization for which the department has become a model around the country. He also supervised the training bureau where all new police candidates are recruited and trained to become police officers. He supervised the communications bureau where nearly one million calls per year are received and processed for public safety services. Prior to his assignment over administration, Chief Putney was assigned to the investigative services group where he supervised approximately 300 detectives. He was responsible for the criminal investigations bureau, which consists of detectives who investigate criminal offenses ranging from fraud and arson to armed robbery and homicide cases. He also managed the special investigative bureau, which consists of detectives who investigate crimes ranging from vice and narcotics to major series crimes involving priority offenders and priority groups who repeatedly commit crimes across the Charlotte-Mecklenburg jurisdiction. He was responsible for managing the detectives assigned to various federal agencies as task force officers who present cases to the U.S. Attorney's office for prosecution. 

He was also responsible for the field services group–north (Patrol-North) that covers the northern half of Mecklenburg County where he managed roughly 700 patrol personnel (including two majors and seven captains) in seven of the department's 14 divisions. One of his divisions was responsible for sworn law enforcement operations at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. 

He attended the 217th Session of the FBI National Academy in 2004 and attended the 42nd Session of the Senior Management Institute for Police in 2009.  He earned a bachelor of science degree in criminology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a master's degree in Criminal Justice​ from East Carolina University.  


Office of the Chief
The Office of the Chief consists of the four Deputy Chiefs, who lead the Major Service Groups, the Police Attorneys Office, the Office of Professional Responsibility, ​the Executive Officer to the Chief, Major Brian Cunningham and the Executive Operations Assistant, LaVondra Farquharson. The Training Bureau, lead by Major Cunningham, consists of the Training/Recruiting Academy, overseen by Captain Demetria Faulkner-Welch, supported by two lieutenants.

The Police Attorneys Office is led by Mark Newbold, Lead Attorney for CMPD.  The Office of Professional Responsibility is led by ​Major Johnny Jennings, which includes the Internal Affairs Bureau, led by Captain Roslyn Maglione, investigates cases of misconduct and breaches of moral and ethical character within CMPD. OPR also includes the Professional Standards Unit, led by Captain Stella Patterson​, who oversees CALEA accreditation, staff inspections, audits and/or revision of departmental policies and directives.  

Public Affairs Office is led by Rob Tufano, who oversees the internal and external communications for the department, as well as the public website. The CrimeStoppers Unit, led by Detective Toriarno Roddey, is also under the Public Affairs Office. The Business Services Bureau, led by Business Services Manager, Kellie High-Foster consists of two divisions. Fiscal Affairs Division, managed by Greg Crystal, is comprised of Purchasing, Contracts/Grants, Asset Forfeiture/Revenue and Travel budget sections. The Research & Planning Division, led by Paul Paskoff, handles the research and criteria of future endeavors for the department.

The Deputy Chiefs

Deputy Chief Katrina Graue Deputy Chief Katrina Graue joined the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department as a member of the 102nd ​recruit class of July 1990. She was promoted to her current rank in 2010.

​As the Deputy Chief of the ​Administrative Services Group, she oversees the Training Bureau,​ the Administrative Services Bureau, the Planning and Research Division, C​rime Analysis Division, the Communications Division, the Crime Reporting Unit, the Computer Technology Solutions Division, Professional Standards and Court Services.

Major Brian Cunningham ​​is the commander of the Training Bureau, and as such, he is responsible for recruiting, recruit training and in-service training at the Police Training Academy. Major Lisa Goelz is the commander of the Administrative Services Bureau which includes Communications, Crime Analysis, Research and Planning, Records, Crime Reporting, Professional Standards and Court Services. Major Steve Willis oversees the Real Time Crime Center, which also includes CTS, Logistics, and the Watch Commanders Office. He also oversees the implementation and review of surveillance from officer body cams​.​​​

Deputy Chief Doug Gallant Deputy Chief Doug Gallant joined the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department as a member of the 105th recruit class of 1991. He was promoted to his current rank in 2012. 
As the Deputy Chief of the Investigative Services Group, he oversees all major felony investigative units, including Homicide, Assault w/Deadly Weapon, Robbery, Vice/Gangs/Firearms, Sexual Assault, Auto Theft, Arson, Cyber Crimes and Financial Crimes. They are also responsible for criminal intelligence and state/federal law enforcement partnerships. 
Major Mike Adams is the commander of the Special Investigations Bureau, which includes Vice, Gangs and Firearms Division, VCAT and Safe Streets Task Force Units. Major Cam Selvey commands the Criminal Investigations Bureau, which includes Homicide/ADW, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Missing Persons, Cyber Crimes and Domestic Violence Units.​

Deputy Chief Jeff Estes Deputy Chief Jeff Estes joined the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department as a member of the 110th recruit class of 1992. He was promoted to his current rank in 2015. 

As the Deputy Chief for Field Services Group - North, he oversees the Northeast Service Area (Eastway, University City and North Tryon Divisions) and the Northwest Service Area (Metro, Freedom, North and Airport Law Enforcement. Divisions). 

Major Mike Smathers commands the Northeast Service Area, and Major Freda Lester commands the Northwest Service Area.​

As the Deputy Chief for the Field Services Group - South, he oversees the Southeast Service Area (Providence, South, Hickory Grove and Independence Divisions) and the Southwest Service Area (Central, Westover and Steele Creek Divisions.) Also in the group are the Watch Commander, Special Events, and specialized units - Transit, Motorcycles, Passenger for Hire, Secondary Employment and Honor Guard.

Major Andy Kornberg commands the Southeast Service Area and Major Gerald Smith commands the Southwes​t Service Area.​

Deputy Chief Vicki Foster Deputy Chief Vicki Foster​​​​​ joined the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department as a member of the 106th recruit class of 1991. Sh​e was promoted to her​ current rank in 2013. ​

As Deputy Chief of the Support Services Group, she oversees the Special Operations Bureau, the Lab and Evidence Bureau and the Community Services Bureau. These bureaus include the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT), SWAT, Civil Emergency Unit, Canine, Aviation, Bomb Squad, Electronic Monitoring, ALERT, Crime Scene Search and the Crime Lab. She also oversees the Property and Evidence Division, Animal Care and Control, School Resource Officers, Crime Prevention, Volunteers, Chaplains and several community outreach programs. 

Major Sherie Pearsall​ ​​is the commander of the Special Operations Bureau, including SWAT, Aviation, Canine and Arson/Bomb Units. Major Steve Willis oversees the Lab and Evidence Bureau. Major Diego Anselmo commands the Community Services Bureau, which includes Crime Prevention, Cadets, Explorers, and High School Academy, as well as the Volunteer Unit. Captain Norman Garnes, Jr. oversees the Community Engagement Bureau, which includes School Resource, PAL, Youth Engagement and the Diversion Program.​