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Armed Robbery / Sexual Assault Division
  The Armed Robbery/Sexual Assault Division, commanded by Captain Michelle Hummel, is a special unit within the Criminal Investigations Bureau that assigns Detectives, Investigative Technicians to robbery cases. The Sexual Assault Unit is dedicated to providing assistance to all sexual assault victims through awareness, education, information and resources with respect and dignity victims deserve. We make every effort to provide our services to victims in a compassionate, efficient and just manner. The Armed Robbery/Sexual Assault Division is comprised of 2 distinctive units:

Armed Robbery Unit
The responsibility of the Armed Robbery Unit is to investigate all armed robberies, commercial common law robberies, and any robbery in which there was serious injury.  The mission of the unit is to investigate, identify, apprehend all suspects and to ensure the quality and integrity of the investigation.  The Robbery Unit  takes a proactive approach to the investigation of robbery cases, utilizing problem solving techniques and models in an effort to prevent the next crime.

Sexual Assault Unit
The Sexual Assault Unit works closely with the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office during an investigation of an adult sexual assault and other sex related offences that falls within the jurisdiction of CMPD.