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Investigative Services Group
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Investigative Services Group is comprised of 2 specialized bureaus: the Special Investigations Bureau and the Criminal Investigations Bureau. Within the Special Investigations Bureau, there are specialized units, like the Vice, Gangs Enforcement, Firearms Enforcement, VCAT, Electronic Monito​ring and ABC Units, that respond to various situations. The Criminal Investigations Bureau is comprised of 2 distinct divisions, Special Victims Division and Violent Crimes Division, both handling the crime associated with a victim or the deceased. Special Victims Division includes Missing Persons, Domestic Violence, Youth Crimes, Financial and Cyber Crimes units. The Violent Crimes Division has 2 major units, Robbery/Sexual Assault/Cold Case Unit, which investigates robberies, sexual assault, cold cases, and the Violent Crimes Unit, which handles homicides and assault with a deadly weapon cases.

Investigative Services Group Executive Chief Officer: DC Doug Gallant
Field Services Support Unit:​ Executive Officer: Captain Martha Dozier

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​​​ ​ Bureau: ​Criminal Investigations Bureau Bureau Leader: Major Cam Selvey

division block
Special Victims Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | phone: 704-336-2771
Division Leader: Captain Jackie Hulsey​​​
Division Support: Lt. Ken Schul

section block​Domestic Violence Unit | unit email:
​phone: 704-336-2379​​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Angela Haywood​​​

section block Missing Persons Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-336-4978​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Todd Walther

section block ​​Crimes Against Children | unit email:
phone: 704-336-2418 | Unit Leader: Sgt. Jem Jones

section block ​Financial Crimes Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-432-3906​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Bobby Morton

 section block​​Cyber Crimes Unit | unit email: CyberCrime​
​​​phone: 704-336-5239​​​​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Bobby Morton​​

division block Violent Crimes ​Division | 601 E. Trade Street | phone: 704-336-2328
Division Leader: Captain Cecil Brisbon

section block ​Robbery/Sexual Assault/​Cold Case Unit | 601 E. Trade Street
phone: 704-336-8832​​​​ | Unit Leader: Lt. Melanie Peacock​​​

​Robbery Unit​​  | unit email:
phone: 704-336-5072 | Unit Leader: Sgt. Brian Scharf​​​

​ ​
Sexual Assault Unit​​  | unit email:
phone: 704-336-4188 | Unit Leader: Sgt. Muriel Hughes​​​

​Cold Case Unit​​  | unit email:
phone:704-336-2358 | ​​Unit Leader: Sgt. Darrell Price​​​

section block
Violent Crimes Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-336-8850 | Unit Leader: Lt. Alex Watson

​Homicide/ADW Unit​​  | unit email: ​ | phone: 704-336-8626
​Unit Leader: Sgt. J.D. Furr
​Unit Leader: Sgt. Susan Manassah
​Unit Leader: Sgt. Demarco Jeter
​Unit Leader: Sgt. Steven Winterhalter​​​

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​​Bureau: Special Investigations Bureau Bureau Leader: Major Mike Adams

division block
Vice, Gangs and Firearms Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | phone: 704-336-2328
Division Leader: Captain Mike Harris
Division Support: Lt. Brian Sanders

section block​Vice/Narcotics Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-336-3110 | Unit Leaders: Sgt. Shane Edmonds | ​ Sgt. Chad Howard

section block
​Narcotics Task Force | unit email:
phone: 704-336-3110​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Craig Conger

section block
​Firearms Enforcement Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-591-6115​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Jason Kelly

​Major Crimes​ | unit email: | phone: ​704-xxx-xxxx​​​​

section block​Safe Streets Task Force | unit email:
​​phone: 704-xxx-xxxx​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Sandy Richardson

​​Joint-Terrorism Task Force | unit email: | phone: 704-xxx-xxxx​​​​

section block
​Gang Enforcement Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-488-8696 | Unit Leader: Sgt. Terrance Gerald

​​section block ​ABC Unit​ | unit email: ​​
phone: 704-432-0428​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Mike Ford

division block
Criminal Apprehension Division | 601 E. Trade Street | phone: 704-336-2328
​Division Leader: Captain Allan Rutledge

section block​VCAT Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-336-8228​​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Christopher Kimbell | Sgt. Donald Penix

​​ section block
Electronic Monitoring | unit email:
phone: 704-432-8888​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Lebruan Evans

section block ​TRAP | unit email:
​phone: 704-xxx-xxxx | Unit Leader: Sgt. Henry Rozell

​Organized Retail Theft​​  | 704-xxx-xxxx​​​​

section block
​Pawn/Scrap Metal​ | unit email:
phone: 704-xxx-xxxx​​​ | Unit Leader: xxxxxxxx

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