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Administrative Services Group
The Administrative Services Group is comprised of 2 specialized bureaus: the Training Bureau and the Administrative Services Bureau, as well as 3 main Divisions: Crime Analysis, Planning & Research and Computer Technology Solutions (CTS) Divisions . Within the Training Bureau, there are 2 main Divisions: the Training Division and the Recruiting Division. Within the Administrative Services Bureau, there are 3 main Divisions: Communications, Records and the Crime Reporting divisions, along with 3 main Units: Court Services, Facilities Planning and Fleet Units.

Group: Administrative Services Group           Group Leader: DC Katrina Graue    

   Bureau: Training Bureau   Bureau Leader: Major Mike Adams  
     Division: Training Division   Division Leader: Captain James Fields  
       Unit: Recruit & In-Service Training Unit   Unit Leader: Sgt. Clarence "Ray" Williams
   Unit: Firearms Training Unit   Unit Leader: Sgt. Cullen Wright
 Division: Recruiting Division            Division Leader: Captain Stella Patterson
   Unit: Recruiting Unit   Unit Leader: Sgt. Anne Linto

   Bureau: Administrative Services Bureau   Bureau Leader: Major Tim Danchess  
     Division: Communications Division   Division Leader: Captain Bill Boger  
 Division: Crime Reporting Division     Division Leader: Marla Humphries
 Division: Records Division   Division Leader: Jim Weaving
 Main Unit: Court Services Unit   Unit Leader: Sgt. Walter Sauciuc
 Main Unit: Facilities Planning   Unit Leader: Mike Bedard
 Main Unit: Fleet Unit   Unit Leader: Rick Smith

   Main Division: Crime Analysis Division            Division Leader: Monica Nguyen  

   Main Division: Planning and Research Division       Division Leader: Paul Paskoff  
       Unit: Planning Unit   Unit Leader:  
 Unit: Professional Standards   Unit Leader: Sgt. Chris Fish

   Main Division: Computer Technology Solutions    Division Leader: Ron Horton  
          Unit: Systems Analysis & Programming Unit   Unit Leader: Crystal Cody  
 Unit: Project Integration   Unit Leader: Cliff Chapman
 Unit: Customer Service Unit   Unit Leader: Cheryl Campbell