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Q. How much is Cedar going to be widened and will it go through to the cemetery?

A. Cedar will not be widened, nor will it be extended to the cemetery.

Q. Will the new Second Street Connection require that the rail lines and bridges be rebuilt?

A. Yes, if Second Street is extended, the NS rail line will have to be bridged over the new street.  In addition, both the intercity platforms and on the east and the CATS commuter platforms on the west will have to be bridged. Current plans call for these to be built with fill and retaining walls.

Q. Will Amtrak activity still only be primarily after midnight?

A. Current plans call for some 6-8 daily intercity trains, mostly during the day, connecting Charlotte and Raleigh, with some extended to Atlanta and Washington.

Q. You are planning for a lot of transit on Trade. How will the varied modes work together?  How will they work with pedestrian traffic?

A. Our objective is seamless, safe travel for commuters on trains, buses and the streetcar, for pedestrians and cyclists, and for automotive traffic. A prime concern will be the large number of pedestrians passing along Trade Street, both from public transit and Johnson & Wales students moving between dorms and classes. Detailed analyses are underway to identify the optimal locations for street crossings, transit stops, sidewalk widths and building setbacks in order to provide the most positive and seamless experience for people using and living around the new station.

Q. Have you considered the changing demographics of the City? Baby boomers are getting older and there may be some confusion with the changes in the area. My hope is that the final product will be attractive and accessible for all - every race, color, age and gender.

A. Our designers are very focused on the multiple uses for the station and the area around it. It will be convenient and accessible for all – from stroller to wheelchair. The large open plaza and public spaces envisioned for the station will be home to a variety of activities and events that cater to the City's growing diversity and ethnicity.

Q. Are you still planning to relocate ADM?

A. North Carolina Department of Transportation continues to support relocation of ADM, as this would help to simplify separation of the CSX and NS tracks at the location, and close several of the crossings that currently necessitate the sounding of train horns. Whether or not ADM moves is an issue that will likely be resolved by the end of the year.

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