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Countywide Transit Service Plan
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The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) has developed its FY2013 through FY2017 Countywide Transit Service Plan (CTSP).  The CTSP provides CATS with a five-year bus service improvement plan for Mecklenburg County and the region.  The plan approved by the MTC guides CATS’ strategy for year-by-year bus service enhancements.

Examples of service enhancements implemented during the current CTSP include:
  • Additional Crosstown service, such as Routes 60, 204 and 232
  • Bus-Rail integration, connecting bus routes to the LYNX Blue Line stations
  • Addition of the Sprinter Enhanced Bus service
  • Improved shelters
CATS staff held public meetings throughout the Charlotte region and attended numerous neighborhood meetings to give a brief presentation about the CTSP and solicit the public’s feedback. From October to December 2010, CATS staff presented information at 31 meetings; five public meetings hosted by CATS and 26 neighborhood or community meetings. Members of the community were encouraged to attend one of the public meetings or neighborhood meetings. Suggestions and comments from passengers and residents play an important role in preparing the CTSP. 

In August and September 2011, CATS staff held ten public meetings to present the proposed CTSP to the public. Public comments were received and incorporated into the route development.

In October 2011, CATS staff will be presenting a revised CTSP to the Transit Services Advisory Committee (TSAC). These proposals can viewed in the October 2011 presentation below.

In February 2012 the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) approved the CTSP.

FY12-FY17 Approved County-Wide Transit Service Plan

CTSP Presentation Fall 2010 

CTSP Presentation August and September 2011

CTSP Presentation October 2011