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LYNX Blue Line Extension Alignment and Real Estate Maps
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Alignment Map (revised March 2014) pdf 

Entrance to Final Design Maps

Real Estate Services
City of Charlotte Engineering and Property Management Real Estate staff will be contacting property owners with information on potential impacts to their property due to the construction of the LYNX Blue Line Extension.
The staff of the Real Estate section provides three primary services: acquisition of property for City projects, surveying and mapping services and management of the City's real property assets.
Real Estate Acquisition
Land may be acquired for rights-of-way, easements and encroachment agreements necessary for the successful completion of public projects such as roads, sidewalks, police and fire stations. This team also acquires easements for utility, water and sewer improvements. This process takes place after the planning and design phases of a project are complete. All property acquisition must be complete before construction begins.

The following brochures are designed to explain the rights and benefits of citizens affected by Charlotte-Mecklenburg public projects.

For more information about the real estate acquisition process, please contact:
Becky Insogna
Real Estate Agent
City of Charlotte
Engineering and Property Management
Office: 704-336-4550
Email: binsogna@charlottenc.gov  
The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) provides a General Acquisition and Relocation Information brochure. 

Real Estate Alignment Maps
The following maps illustrate the proposed real estate impacts for the LYNX Blue Line Extension project. These are conceptual plans and are subject to change.  
The maps show the proposed project alignment, station locations, bridges, sidewalk, pavement, right-of-way, easements and other details of the project construction.

NOTE: Temporary Construction Easements (TCE) are shown on these plans. TCEs are necessary to complete the project along the right-of-way. TCEs are used to provide temporary rights to the City to engage in construction activity on a property. Once the construction is complete, the property rights will revert back to the original property owner.

BLE University Area Aerial

Environmental Alignment Maps
Station Site Plans

Stay Informed
Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) strives to fully inform citizens of all updates and information regarding transit projects. As the BLE project moves forward into construction, there will be more frequent updates to keep you informed of areas that may be impacted. If you would like to receive electronic notifications, sign up for our Notify Me subscription service.