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On Wednesday, November 17, 2010, the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) met to begin their four-year review of the current 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan.  The discussion focused on revising the Plan to reflect the current economic environment while maintaining the long-range vision of providing a safe and convenient public transportation system and offering transportation choices and greater mobility for the region.  

The challenge CATS faces now is how to fund the vision and balance the short-term financial constraints with the long-term need to fund infrastructure for a growing region. There is insufficient funding to deliver the  current 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan with the  limitations of the sales tax revenue growth experienced the last three years; and the new long-term projections of sales tax funding leaves CATS with a $400 million dollar gap over the next nine years.  The reduced growth in the sales tax significantly impacts the ability to advance multiple projects simultaneously without additional revenue.

CATS vision for fulfilling the Transit Corridor System Plan has not changed.  The realities of today‚Äôs economic landscape and the reduction in local sales tax means the system cannot continue to expand on the timeline originally planned in 2006.  CATS will maintain its existing service with its existing resources and ensure transit equity and environmental justice for the transit dependent population.  As funding is acquired, CATS will continue to develop its rapid transit plan to further its commitment to the region to provide choices over congestion and assistance to improving the environment. 

Please take some time to review the documents presented and discussed at the November 17 meeting.  If you have any questions, please click here to submit them to CATS Customer Service and staff will respond.

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