Transit Planning
Proud to give Businesses a Lift.

CATS is proud to provide opportunities for businesses to create local jobs through the advancement of transit projects. CATS also seeks to create an environment that gives small and socially or economically challenged local businesses the opportunity to compete for publicly funded contracts by participating in the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) programs.

We recently conducted a symposium that covered:

  • What are CATS future business opportunities?
  • Navigating the Federal Regulations
  • Am I a SBE or DBE? How do I become a SBE or DBE?
  • Getting the Business: Bidding, Contracting and other Hoops I have to go through!
  • Meet and Greet for Prime and Sub-Contractors

    You can review the information covered during the symposium along with the handouts by clicking on the items below: 

  • Sep. 2013 Presentation
  • Sep. 2013 Attendees
  • The DBE Program Overview
  • The SBE Program Overview
  • LYNX Blue Line Extension Contract Opportunities
  • BLE Alignment Maps
  • Construction Subcontracts Requirements Checklist
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 31 – Contract Cost Principals and Procedures
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Clause Applicability Chart
  • CATS Operating Projects
  • CATS Procurement Opportunities
  • Professional Services Subcontracts Requirements Checklist
  • Small Business Opportunity Program
  • Service Subcontracts Requirements Checklist

    Previous Symposiums

  • May 2012 Business Opportunity & Outreach Symposium
  • May 2012 DBE Program Presentation
  • September 2011 Business Opportunity & Outreach Symposium

    Check back with us to learn about future symposiums.

    As the major provider of public transportation to Charlotte and the surrounding region, CATS relies on the communities we serve to build and operate our services every day. By working together, we can all keep our communities moving in the right direction.