Transit Planning
Newsracks Registration
Email Updates
Prior to placement of a Newsrack on CATS Property, the Publisher is required to register with CATS by providing the following information:
  • Publisher:      Name - mailing address - telephone number - e-mail address (If necessary, the publisher should also provide a designated agent)
  • Publication:   Name, frequency of publication and free or paid
  • Distributor:     Name – mailing address – telephone number – e-mail address
Newsracks placed on CATS Property without first registering and receiving an approved location will be removed pending proper registration and participation in any upcoming lottery process until all violations have been rectified. 

The Publisher shall update information required in this section within five (5) business days of any change of information.  A violation of any provision outlined in the CATS Newsrack Policy may result in removal of affected Newsrack(s).

To register send an e-mail to catsnewsracks@charlottenc.gov with the publisher's information, the locations desired, the publication for each location and if an agent will be used (i.e. for distribution, etc.)