Transit Planning
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CATS considers newsracks a good method of distributing news and information and which constitutes a valuable amenity to our customers. However, we do not consider public transportation system property to be a traditional public forum.  The uncontrolled placement and maintenance of newsracks can create a danger to the safety and welfare of CATS customers including the obstruction of safe and efficient flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic at public transportation system properties.

The safe and aesthetic placement of newsracks coupled with the finite spaces available for newsracks makes it foreseeable that demand for such space may exceed the supply.  Therefore, CATS developed a process that identifies locations eligible for placement of newsracks and a policy that includes a Lottery Process for assigning these finite number of newsrack slots.  The purpose of this program is to preserve and promote the public health, general welfare, and safety of persons using the City's public transportation system and to foster the aesthetics of the City by providing guidelines for newsrack placement in and around the public transportation system facilities to ensure adequate access to transit services.

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