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2010 Bonds on November Ballot
On November 2, Charlotte citizens will vote on $203.6 million in transportation, neighborhood improvement and affordable housing bonds. The bonds are part of the Charlotte City Council’s adopted Capital Investment Plan and if approved will not require a tax increase.  See Map of 2010 Bond Projects

Transportation Bond                                                                                      $156.6 million
$136.6 million for a combination of transportation infrastructure and enhancements including:
  • Improvements to Oakdale Road, Johnston-Oehler Road, Brevard Street, Eighth Street, Beatties Ford Road, Idelwild Road and N. Tryon Street
  • Improvements to the following intersections:  Ballantyne Commons/Elm Lane, Scaleybark/South Boulevard, McKee Road/Providence Road, Arrowood Road/Nations Ford Road
  • New thoroughfare and street projects
  • Widening of rural roads overburdened by traffic
  • Bridge replacement or repair
  • Traffic calming devices such as speed humps and traffic circles
  • Replacement and maintenance of traffic signals, signs and cameras 
  • Minor roadway improvements 
  • Transportation improvements in Center City
  • New bikeways incorporated into existing and future roadways 

$5 million for roadway improvements, streetscape, and other infrastructure for area project plans in areas such as University City, Catawba, Steele Creek and the Independence Corridor.   
$15 million for new sidewalks and existing sidewalk improvements throughout the City. Half of all new sidewalk construction occurs along thoroughfares, the City’s major streets, while the other half is designated for local collector streets, most of which are in neighborhoods
Neighborhood Improvement Bond                                                                $32 million
This bond would provide new and reconstructed infrastructure such as curb and gutter, sidewalks and storm drainage in neighborhoods showing signs of distress.  These projects include the following communities:

Newell-South, Sharmrock Gardens, Finchley-Purser, Nevin, Pawtucket, Eastwood, Farm Pond, Tryon Hills, Hope Valley/Oak Forest, Delta Lake, Grove Park, Boulevard Homes

Affordable Housing Bond                                                                                          $15 million
Bond monies will be used to support the redevelopment of the Boulevard Homes Hope VI Project and the City’s Housing Trust Fund, which will leverage private dollars to increase the development of affordable housing for low and moderate-income families in the following categories:

  • Multi-family new construction and rehabilitation
  • Homeownership development in neighborhoods targeted for revitalization
  • Special needs population including the elderly, disabled and homeless
  • Acquisition of properties for the development of affordable housing